What, Why?

 happiesbetter.  wearable reminders to make a choice. a mindfulness tool to help reclaim mental strength through healthy & better thoughts and behaviors.  
happiesbetter. the “i” is you, seeking wellness.  the “be” is you, learning or remembering to like and accept yourself for who and what you are. pursue growth and love through self-challenge, compassion, balance, good people, and good choices. feel better, grow happier.  
 happiesbetter. share as a message of compassion to humans fighting battles we don't know about.  wear as a self-love gesture to you.  
our mantra-inspired products serve as wearable, physical reminders of our innate power to create the lifestyle we want through choices. we improve lives and drive change as participants in a positive energy force. we motivate good humans to strive for stronger and healthier mind body connections.  we inspire and join important conversations that advocate for mental health as a critical part of whole health.  
passion to galvanize others drives our service in resources for and with causes, events, and organizations making an impact in mental health through advocacy, illness prevention awareness, and treatment. ten percent of every purchase goes directly to our designated non-profit partners.