Team #happiesbetter


Founder, Robyn Jennings

she is: california grown, active life liver,  martial artist, curious traveler, boy-raiser. lover of hiking, yoga, dance, meditation, and board sports for mind and body. has lived lives in san francisco, so. cal, ireland, singapore, and currently in nor cal. real, says the f-word, lives mindfully. thankful for personal and spiritual growth through travel and experiential challenges. devoted to motivating and driving others to reach for better wellness.  founded happiesbetter with a straightforward mission: provide a simple tool to help create change for people wanting to make a shift in thoughts and behaviors to grow better and live happier. why: a lifelong journey through mental illness; depression, mood disorder, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, addiction, and postpartum depression. gratitude for the people, processes, and organizations who have and continue to inspire, mentor, and motivate throughout this life-long healing process.


in her words: "my ongoing expedition to being a better human has not been smooth, but it's the fight that lights my fire, and helping others is what keeps my fire burning. life's messy, sometimes painful, and purposely pebbled with hard choices, but I know that the process of getting right with myself begins when I accept my mess and shift my perspective in order to allow myself to change it."



Creative Consultant, Jayme Kay Kugley

Jayme, a native of Colorado, has lived and worked in Northern California for more than a decade.  Her creative skills and knowledge developed and sharpened through home re-design projects. With bright eyes for design and attention to the tiniest details, each project Jayme touches is special because of her unique and natural style.  She and her husband are raising two active girls in Granite Bay and live with Aspen, their black lab.






Barbara Brooks, Photographer

Barbara is from Menlo Park, California.  She's an authentic, creative, and enthusiastic entrepreneur with many tools in her tool belt. She's passionate about photography because it allows her to capture and freeze real moments.  She's devoted to her tribe, including husband Kevin, three kids, and a puppy.  She came on board team #happiesbetter as a generous collaborator and brings out the best in each photo opportunity.